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Balancing Act

Robbie Fearn leaves no carbon footprint on his daily commute to work.

Paid to Play

Paid to PLAY

Sometimes when you follow your passion, everything else just seems to fall into place. That’s what happened for these Outer Banks residents who, whether on a board or in a boat, fell in love with the water and found a way to weave their water sports hobbies into careers.



Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

If you gave Susan Evans a glass bottle instead of throwing it away, she would cut it and use it in creating a stained-glass window. If her husband, Phil, got to it first, he would cut it to make a drinking glass. In their son Will’s hands it would become a bottle brick or a lamp. Son Michael would create a candle with the bottom and use the neck in a lighted glass garland.

On Fertile Ground

Carrie Gray was a young wife with two small babies in 1934 when she left her home on Long Island and moved to her husband’s birthplace — Avon, on Hatteras Island.